Dandenong Valley Bushwalking Club

Dandenong Valley Bushwalking Club
P.O. Box 27 Beaconsfield 3807.
Club Secretary: Bill Vincent
Club Enquiries and New Membership Contact: Tiz Savaris 0438 905 318

This Form must be completed for each Club activity and the temporary membership fee paid before
commencement of the activity.
This temporary membership is valid for the nominated activity only.

Acknowledgement of risks and obligations
In voluntarily participating in this activity organised by the Dandenong Valley Bushwalking Club, described to me by
the activity leader, I am aware that my participation in this activity may expose me to risks to my person and property.
To minimize these risks during the activity I will:
 Ensure that this activity is within my capabilities and that of the child / children for whom I have responsibility.
 Carry food, water and equipment appropriate to this activity.
 Advise the activity leader if I am taking any medication or have any physical or other limitation that might
affect my participation in this activity.
 Make every effort to ensure that I and the child / children for whom I have responsibility will remain with the
rest of the party during the activity.
 Accept and follow the instructions given by the leader of the activity.
I have read and understood these requirements. I have considered the risks of participating in this activity before
choosing to sign this acknowledgement of risk. I wish to join this activity. I accept that in submitting this form I will take
responsibility for my own actions.

Temporary Member Risk Acknowledgement